In any building you’re likely to encounter more than one type of flooring. That’s why when it comes to maintaining your floors it’s important to understand the different care that each floor type requires. In this article we’ll discuss a few of the most common types of flooring seen in commercial buildings and how to properly clean them.

up close image of blue carpet


Carpeting is one of the easier flooring types to maintain. For the most part regular vacuuming will keep your carpet looking and smelling clean. However because of how absorbent the fibers in carpet are, this can create a hotbed for bacteria and germs. While your carpet may look clean on the outside, on the inside it may very well be another story. To get rid of the bacteria living in your carpet you’ll want to use a good carpet cleaning solution and pair it with a large industrial fan. The fan will quickly dry the carpet after the solution is applied to avoid additional bacteria, like mold, from growing.

up close image of tile


Like carpet tile can be very easy to maintain. Tile is a great option for many commercial buildings because it looks good and does not accumulate bacteria the way carpet does. The most common way for tile to get and look dirty is in the gaps between the tile, where the grout is applied. When cleaning your tile with a mop, you’ll need to have a separate, smaller scrubber for the grout in order to properly clean the floor. Once you’ve scrubbed the grout and mopped the tile be sure to allow at least 30 minutes for the floor to dry to avoid slips and falls.

up close image of vinyl flooring


With the recent inflation and the rise in material costs, most buildings are installing vinyl flooring as opposed to hardwood. Vinyl is a cheaper material but is water resistant so it can last a long time if properly maintained. A simple routine of sweeping daily and mopping regularly can help keep your vinyl floors clean and extend the life of the flooring. The thing to look out for with vinyl flooring is that the gaps in between the vinyl are very small, but not completely closed. This means that water could still get beneath the vinyl. If this occurs then you could have a bigger problem on your hands where you may need to remove and/or replace entire sections of your floor. So take it from us and keep your vinyl dry!

up close image of hardwood floor


Hardwood floors are a very popular flooring option because of their beautiful appearance. Hardwood looks good in almost any room of the building and can present a more luxurious feel to the overall environment. Keeping wood floors clean is very similar to vinyl floors in that you’ll want to sweep often and mop regularly. Unlike vinyl flooring, hardwood is not water resistant and can be damaged if left wet for too long. The best way to keep your hardwood floors from wear and tear is using the right type of finish and sealant. Most hardwood floors are installed with a finish which naturally protects the floor. There are many different types of sealants available and some prolong the life of the floor better than others, so get with your installer to determine the best option for your floor.

When it comes to floor care it’s best to use preventive maintenance. Regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping can go a long way in extending the life of your floor and keeping them clean.

Is your building too large for you to clean the floors on your own? No worries, we’re here to help. At Tot Commercial Cleaning we specialize in cleaning commercial buildings. Give us a call to learn more about our preventative maintenance plans and get a quote for your building.