You know that feeling you get when you have to use a public restroom and it’s disgusting? As you enter the bathroom you notice how dirty the sink is and then the toilet, even the floors are dirty.


Your next action will probably be to run away and tell your friends and family to stay away from that business because of their horrible bathrooms. You can’t imagine that the business owner would think their bathrooms are suitable, and you’re probably right.

Why do so many businesses neglect cleanliness?

In my experience of being in the cleaning industry for 20 plus years, I’ve noticed that business owners and franchises are neutral toward the cleanliness of their business. They risk their profits are other attributes, generally what they consider more crucial, neglecting the inevitable dangers of dirt accumulation.

A lack of cleanliness = a big problem for business owners

To eat, work or play in a grimy dwelling, you risk attack by germs and disease such as Hepatitis, Salmonella, E. coli, Trachoma, Cold and Flu, and many more.These are all the peculiarities of an unclean environment. The high cost of irresponsibility in the cleaning arena can eventually cost a business owner more money in the long run for his/her own negligence, which can be detrimental to the business itself. If you’re a business owner and you don’t have a good cleaning plan in place you risk losing customers, employees and eventually your business.

I’d like to help you out by sharing with you some of the ways an establishment can become contaminated so quickly and go unnoticed.

The most common, dirty areas for a business that go unnoticed

You’re probably thinking “Of course the trash is dirty!” Well often the trash removal gets overlooked resulting in waste overflowing from garbage receptacles around the business. This overflowing waste can contaminate the surrounding area, floor, desks, shelves, etc. These areas are often not cleaned onced the trash is removed and can cause germs that were in the trash to spread throughout the building.

Sinks and Water Fountains
Hard water stains are extremely common on water fountains and sinks due to the minerals in the water. You can spot a hard water stain by its chalky, white feature. The stains are caused by the minerals in the water collecting and building up in nearby areas. If left uncleaned, these hard water stains can build up enough to gunk up the faucet, causing the flow of water to be affected.

Phone Sharing
In my professional opinion phone sharing between people is the most rapid way germs are spread amongst the employees and even to the customers. Many businesses have their employees using a phone at their desk but often it is not cleaned. If this phone is used by multiple employees, then the spread of germs increases. But it;s not only limited to office phones, think of a cell phone and how often that is used and touched. Most people don’t clean their cell phones regularly with bacterial wipes and the constant use means phones have more viruses than toilets! Think twice the next time one of your co-workers wants to show you a funny cat video on their phone.

Drawer Handles
Drawer handles often get neglected during routine cleaning. If left uncleaned, drawer handles can carry nasty bacteria on them, passing them on to each person that uses that drawer. The good news is because of the lack of use, drawer handles do not carry as much bacteria as door handles, but because of this lack of use they often are overlooked.

Other areas that stay dirty because of a lack of cleaning

Beware, you need to know that certain areas cannot be avoided by your current cleaner. Not hitting these areas on a regular basis will create an atmosphere of contamination, which can cause you a great amount of anxiety and expenditure.

What are these areas?

Dirty soiled doors
Unobserved grimy baseboards
Greasy bathroom walls
Cruddy counter top edges
Dirty door handles
Mucky Coffee pot

Cleaners tend to forget or neglect these vital areas of the cleaning process. When these areas are missed it can create an atmosphere of contamination, getting multiple people sick and not feeling well.

Do you need help keeping your business clean?

Through this article, we hope you learned how easy it is to overlook the cleanliness of your business and how important it is to keep your business clean. Are some of the issues discussed in this blog problems you face but can’t solve them on your own? At Tot Commercial Cleaning we are here to help you! We offer customized cleaning plans that prioritize your business needs. What we do differently from other cleaners is we start by measuring your buildings air quality. This helps us to nail down your problem areas by determining which areas of your building need the most attention. Because of our experience and knowledge we can assess your problems faster and provide you a customized quote quicker than other cleaning companies.

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