Building maintenance can seem like a daunting task for many business owners.

It can feel like being a first time home buyer, except you’re responsible for an entire building instead of a small home.

Clean surfaces, fresh smells and a clutter free environment is good for everyone. It can make your employees more productive and your customers feel welcome.

A clean building is like a clean home and will leave you with a better peace of mind.

We’ve put together the top commercial cleaning tips and tricks in this guide to help you with your building maintenance.

If you’re a business owner and you own your own building then this guide is for you.

Keeping spaces organized

Organized workspace

A messy workspace can be an eyesore for your customers and impact productivity for your employees. This may seem obvious but often employees are not held accountable for their cluttered desks.

Providing clear guidelines to your workers is key. Let them know that in order to thoroughly clean the surfaces and floors in their areas, those areas need to be kept clutter free.

Too much clutter can also create an excess amount of dust buildup which can impact you and your employees health. Sitting at a desk all day and breathing in the dust that has built up in the unorganized workspace can have long term health effects on those employees.

Routinely change air filters

Dirty air filter

Continuing the discussion of breathing in dust and the health effects it can cause, let’s talk about the air filters in your building.

The air filters are located in your building’s heating, ventilation and air condition system, or HVAC system for short.

These filters capture a large amount of dust and dirt particles to keep everyone from breathing them in. If you’ve ever replaced an air filter in your home and have seen the amount of dust buildup on the filter over time, you can imagine the amount of dust that gets caught in the filters of a much larger building.

Keeping a schedule of when your air filters need to be replaced can help keep you on track and avoid breathing in extra dirt and dust particles.

Don’t allow air to get too dry

Humidifier in a room

As if we haven’t talked about dust enough, dry air increases static which causes dust and debris to cling to surfaces. The winter time is a huge problem for buildings as the air gets incredibly dry. You can combat the dry air by increasing your humidity through the use of humidifiers.

If you want to go the old school route you could also keep trays of water around the building to increase the humidity. In order to reduce dust you’ll want your humidity levels around 40-50%.

Implement good hygiene practices

Hands being washed in a sink with soap

Because of the global pandemic of 2020 we’ve all gotten better at personal hygiene in the workplace. But it’s good to keep your employees on track and help hold them accountable for doing their part.

Some quick tips for good hygiene at work are:
Wash hands frequently especially after bathroom use – This is an obvious one.
Replace hand sanitizers around the building routinely – there’s nothing worse than trying to dispense some hand sanitizer and finding out it’s empty. Think of all the dirty hands that have touched that dispenser!
Don’t allow employees to come into work sick – when in doubt stay home or work from home if possible.
Keep sanitizer wipes handy – wipe down surfaces that are frequently touched by employees and customers; i.e, door knobs, handles, sinks, eating areas, etc.
Use single serve coffee cups instead of a communal coffee pot – this might be a little pricey but if you can fit it in your budget it can help decrease the spread of germs throughout your building.

Frequent vacuuming of carpets

Vacuuming a carpet

Carpets often get ignored as it can be difficult to tell when they need to be vacuumed. Some people think that a carpet only needs to be vacuumed when there’s been an accident or spill. But carpets can be a magnet for dirt, oils, dust mites and so much more.

Frequent vacuuming of carpeted areas goes a long way in keeping you and your employees healthy.

Keep your floors spotless

Commercial Cleaning a Floor

There’s something utterly satisfying about a sparkling, shining floor. The floor that shines is inviting and clean!

One of the biggest problem areas is the building lobby. This area sees the highest amount of foot traffic coming directly from the outside.

Using area floor mats at the entrance of the lobby can significantly reduce the amount of dirt that is brought in by the foot traffic.

Regularly cleaning the floors using a microfiber mop and a non-filming residue cleaner can help the floor get shinier faster and stay sparkling longer.

Smudge free windows

Man suspended cleaning a high rise window

Keeping your windows clean and smudge free says a lot about your business. Everyone outside, even those who are not your customers, will be able to see your windows. If your windows are dark and grimy then you might be giving off the wrong impression about your business.

Cleaning windows on a commercial building can be dangerous depending on how tall the building is. It’s a good idea to hire a commercial cleaning company that has the ability to perform high rise window washing.

Keeping your building clean and organized can lead to a healthier and more productive work environment. Using the tips provided in this guide can help you get on track to maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial building.

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