Picture this

You’re sitting in the lobby of a modern, luxurious corporate building waiting to meet with someone. While you wait you decide to have a quick bathroom break. Along your stroll to the restroom you appreciate the details that went into making up such a beautiful building; marble floors, clean lines, the furniture choice and layout, this building looks like a 5 star resort.

But once you enter the bathroom everything changes.

After opening the door you’re met with a disgusting and dirty bathroom that clearly hasn’t been cleaned in days. Everything that made this building beautiful just went out the window because of the horrid state of the facilities.

Now imagine if this was your building…yikes!

Out of every room in your building, the restrooms have the biggest impact on your customers, visitors and staff. Your entire building could be spotless, but if the bathrooms are gross, that will be the thing people will remember!

To help you avoid terrorizing your guests with a disgusting bathroom, here a 5 helpful tips to keep your restrooms clean and comfortable.

Replace and Refill EVERYTHING!

Sinks and soap dispensers in public bathroom

The title says it all – make sure to refill soap dispensers, hand sanitizers, toilet paper rolls, toilet covers, air fresheners, etc. A good idea is to create a schedule for replacing and refilling. This schedule should be based on how busy your bathrooms get. Busier restrooms may need to be re-visited several times a day, while others may just need one daily visit. How much is too much? You’ll know you’ve hit the sweet spot for the number of visits when the items that need replacing have about 25% left. Don’t get to the point where your visitors are informing you the soap is out – that’s just gross!

Clean Stalls, Walls and All Other Surfaces

Public bathroom stalls

Spot cleaning all of the surfaces can make a huge difference when it comes to the appearance of your facilities. One of the most effective tools when spot cleaning is a disposable microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are great at picking up dirt and grime off of all different types of surfaces. We highly recommend the disposable ones as this avoids any potential situations of using the same cloth for the toilet and sink.

Unclog and Clean Drains

Floor drain of a commercial bathroom

Have you ever entered your bathroom and wondered “What’s that smell”? If your toilets aren’t the culprit then more than likely the odor is coming from your drains. Drains are often overlooked until they become an issue, but using preventative maintenance can help to keep your drain from smelling and clogging. We recommend finding a good enzyme drain cleaner as these types of cleaners are the safest available and can be used daily if needed.

Daily Toilet Treatment

Toilet in a public stall

The toilets are the most used thing in your bathroom so they should be inspected and cleaned daily. Like we mentioned with the drain cleaner, using a good non-acid based toilet bowl cleaner is safe enough for everyday cleaning. Treating the toilets daily will make a world of difference as this will keep your bowls from stains, smells and mineral buildup. So grab your toilet cleaner and let’s go bowling!

All of the little things

overland park restroom cleaning services

When it comes to restroom cleaning there are a lot of little things that can go unnoticed. Over time these little things can add up and create a larger issue when it comes to the cleanliness of your bathroom. These things can included:

  • Wiping down the mirrors and other glass surfaces with glass cleaner
  • Dusting surfaces and hard to reach areas, i.e. above the stalls!
  • Taking out the trash – this can be applied to Tip 1 but we wanted to reinforce it
  • Mopping and sweeping the floor
  • Flushing any unflushed toilets

One final tip is that when cleaning during business hours, please remember to knock and see if anyone is currently using the facilities!

Well there you have it, 5 tips to getting your commercial bathroom sanitized and cleaned! Does any of this sound overwhelming to you? If so, don’t fret, at Tot Commercial Cleaning we provide top notch bathroom sanitization services for business owners like you! Give us a call today and we’ll get started getting your restrooms looking and smelling clean.