With the pandemic still on the rise, it’s important to take your office cleaning seriously. Without proper commercial cleaning, your office can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Not only do you want to keep yourself and your employees healthy, but you want to keep your customers safe and healthy as well. 

How can you ensure you keep your workplace safe from COVID-19? In the guide below, you’ll find several office safety rules and workplace safety measures to keep in mind this year. Continue reading to learn more. 

Put Safety Procedures in Place

One of the first ways to combat COVID-19 in the workplace is to put safety procedures in place. What are some procedures you can enforce to prevent the spread of COVID in your office? For starters, you can conduct routine testing for COVID. 

Employees can be tested for the virus on a regular basis. You can also ensure employees wear masks while at work and have workstations that are at least 6ft apart. Make sure to visit the CDC’s website to learn more about COVID prevention in the workplace and the different resources available to you. 

Create a COVID-19 Response Plan

How would you handle an employee who tests positive for COVID? After learning their results, what are your next steps? There should be a response plan put in place for when scenarios like this happen.

Devise a plan for how to react to COVID in the workplace, then make sure all employees are aware of the plan. Everyone should know how to act accordingly after a fellow co-worker test positive. Employees who work closely with this employee might need to be quarantined or tested before renting for work, for example. 

Write out the plan and place it in the office where everyone can clearly see it. 

Encourage Clean Hands and Air

As an employer, it’s also important to encourage clean hands and air in the workplace. All employees should be aware of proper hand-washing techniques. Post steps for washing hands properly inside each bathroom. 

You should also provide hand sanitizer inside your office. Updating air filtering systems is also beneficial as is ensuring all employees know how to safely cough or sneeze (into the elbow, covered with a tissue). 

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

One of the best ways to keep your office clean, disinfected, and sanitized is to hire a commercial cleaning service. Professional commercial cleaning services can offer a variety of cleaning services for your workplace. The best thing about these services is that they can clean the office after hours, so there’s no disruption to you or your employees.

From sanitation and bathroom cleaning to full janitorial services, commercial cleaning is beneficial for any business. 

Does Your Business Need Professional Cleaners?

Could your office space benefit from commercial cleaning services? At Tot Commercial Cleaning, we offer a full scale of commercial cleaning services. We even offer COVID-19 cleaning to ensure the office is kept healthy at all times. 

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